Success Story

2007: Foundation

RATECH was founded as a brand in September 1st, 2007. We had a clear VISION about what we would become, so we chose our partners carefully. We studied worldwide security system’s market, and we brought in Albania the best solution to what our territory demanded.

2010: IT Department

Three years in a row, RATECH’s dedicated staff has established client’s credibility and reliability, by delegating the passion and the need for technology to a safe life. To accomplish this mission, a fully dedicated office was developed: the IT Department.

2014: BIG Projects

Periodically Intelligent Investments in products and services quality, RATECH contracted very important projects, including institutional safety. Big Projects became reality overcoming difficult situations and conditions in the country.

2015: Brand Refreshing

Eight successful years gave RATECH the right maturity and security to come out with a new image, more modern and adapted to the new position held on market. The new logo was created developing the concept of the eye and the camera’s lens, explaining the 24h survey for a maximum safety.

2018: New Offices

A powerful decade was crowned with a new big home for RATECH. Bigger place, more technologic and welcoming. Everything is detailed and adapted to the new company’s advanced organogram, helping daily work functions for each department. Working in this ambient, each process is easier and exploits time and manpower efficiently.


We are a dedicated professional team, with a clear aim to grow our company, taking advantage of any opportunity given in Albania. We will build an efficient organization with efficient workers that will accept any kind of challenge to raise our name and be proud for this collaboration.


We practice a simple philosophy. We hear what our clients have to say and then we offer professional and impartially consulting sessions. This spirit leads us to a very selective range of brands and products. We don’t follow industrial trends, we take care to create them.
We work with products that are fully tested and with long-life warranty from their manufacturer.
We warn our clients for the subsequences of the products from other imported brands that have no warranty.

Happy Clients

Our Awesome Team

Our strength comes from technologic trainings and efficient working system. Each department follows its tasks based on a good organized timetable. Every employee is an asset to our company that makes sure our services deliver their functions in the best way.

laert kasaj

Laert Kasaj


erald kasaj

Erald Kasaj

Sales Director

juliant sadikaj

Juliant Sadikaj

Project Manager

albion Marko

Albion Marko

Executive Engineer

suada paturri

Suada Paturri

Financial Director

bleona Cela

Bleona Cela


Migena Rustemi - Juriste

Migena Rustemi


jonida mukaj

Jonida Mukaj


xhenina pashaj

Xhenina Pashaj

Marketing Director

Klevis Mëhilli - Inxhinier

Klevis Mehilli


Igli Ibrahimi

Igli Ibrahimi

Electronic Technician


Taulant Haxhiraj

Electronic Technician


Xhuljano Zyba

Electronic Technician


Hari Dhiamandi

Electronic Technician

How it Works?

Simply effective and surrounded by safety


Using our contact ways, request an appointment to get a presentation of our services.


After discussions, we decide together for the right expenses to implement the requested service.


“Ratech” projects every single process in details and delivers a due date for the implementation.


After the agreement on the project expenses, installation team follows the orders of surveying team to fulfill the system functions.

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