RATECH’s Services

RATECH sh.p.k. is a company that provides a broad range of services in the field of security systems and telecommunications. Our 11 year experience in the market has confirmed the importance of the main component that leads our company : Quality.
Systems designed by the most prominent names have the advantage of proper functioning of the applications because the features and technical specifications provide much more moderate functions than other similar systems offered in Albania. Thus, to the best quality, RATECH projects and implements:

Surveying Systems

Surveying Systems provided by RATECH sh.p.k., bear the name of ``DAHUA TECHNOLOGY``. The variety of products provides a more efficient way in many aspects of implementation.

Access Controls

RATECH provides you with a flexible, cost-effective and accessible control systems at any time for different applications of almost any size.Control every unauthorized entry.

Alarm Systems

Nowadays, house alarms or security systems for businesses are an important necessity to ensure their safety. Detectors and Sensors work to notify in case of danger.

Video Intercom

The system is realized on IP technology and can be connected to the Internet to enable smartphone notification. This system offers comfortable for living conditions.

Telephone Systems

The system is all electronic and can be handled as VoIP, Analog or Hybrid. Communication in a variety of products has HD voice transmission.

Parking Systems

Managing of the Parking Area charging according to time attendance and monitoring 24/7. The system does it automatic.

Audio Systems

Provide an audio service for facilities such as hotels, villas, labs, etc. which are equipped with a microphone and are suitable for public spaces.

Network Services

We provide a broad range of services: Cabling, Network and Server configuration. It is a full service providing electronic tools repair.


RATECH is the most trusty and convenient manner to connect internet and telephone
service. Communicate with your friends, family, clients and business partners anywhere in the world with the best prices in Albania.

HDCVI Surveying System

HDCVI surveying is a successful and economic system. Devices are produced by the worldwide security systems leader “Dahua Technology”



Sale Package:
4 cameras 2Mp; HCVR 4 channels; HDD 1TB; Installation.




Sale Package:
4 cameras 4Mp; XVR 4 channels; HDD 2TB; Installation.




Sale Package:
4 cameras 6MP; HCVR 4 channels; HDD 4TB; Installation.




Sale Package:
4 cameras 8MP; HCVR 4 channels; HDD 6TB; Installation.

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