RATECH is the most trusty and convenient manner to connect internet and telephone service. Communicate with your friends, family, clients and business partners anywhere in the world with the best prices in Albania.

Your business will have the best performance in communication and online services.
With RATECH’s ISP you can call easily and non-limit:
• Clear and High Quality audio.
• Exact payments for made calls.
• This service plan includes:
Incoming Calls Identification;
Missed Calls Identification;
Block Calls;
Last Number Redial;
Personalized Numbers Directory, etc.
• 24/7 Assistance (Call Center and Technic Support)
• All the packages are created to be practical, economic, and innovative to implement and integrate the wide service area we provide.
• All the devices will be installed and configured from our team to your home/business.


Official tariffs of RATECH Telephone Service:

Monthly Subscription Price (ALL/month)*
Monthly Fee 300
Installation** 0
Registration Fee 1000

* Including VAT

Tarifat e bisedave telefonike

Destinations from RATECH to… Price (ALL/min)
Other RATECH numbers 1.2
Fix numbers in Shkodër 6
Fix numbers in Albania (Albtelecom/Telekom) 10
Fix number in Albania (Other Companies) 10
Mobile Numbers (Telekom/Vodafone/Eagle mobile) 36
Mobile Numbers (Plus mobile) 36
Zone 1 10
Zone 2 30
Zone 3 30
Zone 4 50
Zone 5 80

* Including VAT
Zone 1 Canada-fix&mob, USA-fix&mob, U.K fix , France fix , Germany fix , Italy fix , Belgium fix , Netherlands fix, Sweden fix , Norway fix, Austria fix , Switzerland fix , Croatia fix, Slovenia fix, Portugal fix , Spain fix , Greece fix , Denmark fix , Ireland fix, Russia fix, Turkey fix, Cyprus fix, Japan fix, China etc.

Zone 2 Kosovo fix, Serbia, Finland fix, Malt, Monaco fix, Sweden mob, Turkey mob, Cyprus mob, Bulgaria fix, Ukraine fix, Brazil fix, Argentine fix, Australia fix, Egypt fix, India, Mexico fix, etc.

Zone 3 Algeria fix, United Emirates fix, Denmark mob, Germany mob, Finland mob & premium, France mob, Italy mob, Netherlands mob, Spain mob, Portugal mob, Austria mob One- H3G, T-mobile, UK mob, Israel mob, New Zealand mob, etc.

Zone 4 Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro fix, Kosovo fix- IPKO, Italy mob H3G, Greece mob, Hungary mob, Belgium mob, Malta mob, Norway mob, Russia mob, Switzerland mob, Rumania mob, Ukraine mob, Slovakia mob, Slovenia mob, Turkey mob, Brazil mob, Angola, Columbia, etc.

Zone 5 Montenegro mob, Monaco mob –KFOR, Kosovo mob, Serbia mob, Bosnia & Herzegovina mob, Bulgaria mob, Croatia mob, Mexico mob, Argentina mob, Afghanistan, Australia mob, Japan mob, Luxemburg mob Orange, etc.

Other Zones 75-120 ALL/min: Senegal, Togo, Italy mob others, France mob Globalstar, Switzerland mob others, Cuba.

Other Zones 240-1000 ALL/min: San Marino, Solomon Islands, EMSAT Satellite, Globalstar Satellite.


fibra internet

Optic Fiber is the best solution for a fast and secure internet. All data is transferred by the speed of light, not depending on the distance or size.

The priorities of an Optic Fiber Internet are not just speed and quality. RATECH’s Optic Fiber Service offers the same download & upload speed.

It is a stable internet service 24/7. Your line is dedicated and leaves no space for interference. Everything comes complete because of the best optic fiber technology of high quality.

Package & Tariffs


Package Transferring Speed Traffic Limit IP Installation Fee (LEK) Monthly Fee (LEK)
Fiber 10 10 Mbps No Limit Dynamic 5’000.00 1’500.00
Fiber 25 25 Mbps No Limit Dynamic 5’000.00 2’000.00


Package Transferring Speed Traffic Limit IP Installation Fee (LEK) Monthly Fee (LEK)
Fiber 10 10 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 30.00
Fiber 25 25 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 60.00
Fiber 30 30 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 90.00

IT Services

We provide a broad range of services: Cabling, Network and Server configuration. Designing and Full Assistance of any kind of request. It is a full service providing electronic tools repair (mobile phones, smartphones, computer, etc.).

In this complex field RATECH offers a wide range of services, such as:
– Computer & Smartphone Repair – a dedicated office which is equipped with the all necessary tools.
– Cabling, network and server configuration, in case of providing a better security in internal network of an organization and providing
server configuration for example: Ubuntu Server which supports two architectures: Intel x86 and AMD64. The installation is done by placing CD of Ubuntu Sever and by booting from CD and then continue with other installations steps.
– Designing and Assistance for each client’s request in IT services.
– Electronic appliances used in the installation and cabling of network systems for example: Switch devices with different number of ports, Rack, UTP cable (Unshielded twisted pair), Adapter, Patch etc.

Network Configuration allows the system’s administrator to create a connection which fulfills communication’s needs.




This process includes:
• Router configuration: specify the suitable IP address and routing settings etc.
• Host configuration: to set a fix connection in a host computer by recording network settings (IP addressing , proxy ,network name and ID/password ,by enabling the connection of network and communication)
• Software configuration: in each network-based software, such as an IDS, is allowed access and is provided with the appropriate credentials to track network traffic.
• Additionally, network configuration includes Internet or Network Sharing, software or application installation and firewall setup or configuration.

Audio System

Provide an audio service for facilities such as hotels, villas, labs, etc. which are equipped with a microphone and are suitable for public spaces. It may be fully completed with

RATECH offers audio systems, speakers, mic audio systems etc.
Mic Audio Systems are practice for public areas, such as: announcements in shopping mall, hospitals, etc. We collaborate with the best worldwide brands which are well known for product’s high quality, such as: “Apart”, “Crown”, etc.

Audio Systems Infrastructure:
In a block diagram, each component in the audio system is represented by a symbol, like a microphone. The lines between the audio components are the cables. At the left of the diagram is the signal source: a microphone. The microphone signal goes into a mixer, where the signal is amplified into the line level. Then the line signal goes to the power amplifier, which increases the signal at the loudspeaker level. Finally, the signal at the speaker level feeds a two-way passive loudspeaker. The following figures show a simple PA system (public address system).

Even though is seems to be simple, a small installation with a variety of areas is not always simple for the installer. He needs to install and connect many electronical parts (sources, amplifiers, wall panels etc.), to provide a perfect
audio solution for his client. For example, in a shopping mall, all the retail stores should be connected with the central system of PA (Public Address System), which is an electronical system composed of microphones, amplifiers and similar appliances. When connected to this instantaneous memory contact, emergency messages from the central audio system will dominate the music in stores if needed.

Parking System

Full Managing of the Parking Area and accurate customer charging according to time attendance and vehicle monitoring 24/7. This system does everything in automatic way.

The ticket vending machine is placed at the entrance of the parking area and delivers a ticket to the vehicles which enter in this area. The ticket is printed with the date, time and vehicle license plate. The place of payment is the workplace of the operator who deals with the payments and the management of the situations. It may also be equipped with machines for automatic tariff payment.

ANPR Camera to detect and read the plates.

Outdoor Table which gives the directions and shows the empty parking places. Camera Sensors indicate if a place is empty and delivers real time footages of the free area.

System’s Server stores the footages information and calculates the parking time fee.

Telephone System

The system is all electronic and can be handled as VoIP, Analog or Hybrid. Communication in a variety of products has HD voice transmission.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private phone network that is used within a company. PBX phone system users can make free calls between them (within the network) and share an outside line to make phone calls outside the network.
RATECH offers a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses (small, medium or big projects.
Advantages of PBX Telephone System:
– Allows employees to share phone system lines by reducing fixed telephony costs;
– The PBX system is fully programmable and can support complex installation and integration requirements;
– There are a wide variety of standards as well as advanced features of PBX system;
– The PBX system can be expanded easily with the company’s growth.
– The physical space required by the PBX center is small, so it is easily managed.

If you are looking into the market for a phone system, consider the PBX system to manage incoming and outgoing calls to the company. Even though installing the PBX telephone system may have higher costs, the benefits that come from using this system will exceed the initial costs.

Video Intercom

The system is realized on IP technology and can be connected to the Internet to enable smartphone notification by using this application. High resolution cameras are incorporated to the system, which are weather conditions and verbal actions resistant. They may be used as Access Control too.

The LED monitor displays views and various system’s commands such as
door opening and connection to alarm sensors or security cameras.

Apartments IP System
Smart Home solution adapts TCP/IP protocol, which integrates video intercom,
home security systems, alarms and distance remote control. This oers the following functions:
– Allows access to the building only for authorized people; It may be integrated with the Security Camera System;
– Connection to the alarm system;
– Recording of video and audio messages from the telephony for future use;
– The entire system can be controlled from a smartphone application, which captures calls, oers real-time monitoring and opening the door in distance.


Villa IP System
– It can be integrated to Video Intercoms and Security Camera System;
– Smartphone application (monitoring and door opening in distance);
– Provide access from anywhere.

Alarm Systems

Nowadays, house alarms or security systems for different businesses are an important necessity to ensure their safety. Installing a business/home Security System improves family and property safety.


These Security Alarm Systems are featured as electronic devices that have sensors. They are connected to a main control panel via a RF signal narrowband (waves) or cable. When it’s realized the connection between the unit and the signal, a notifcation alert may be generated that leads to the processing of a
response. Usually the sensors of the alarms interventions can indicate the opening of a window or door. The new systems are mostly based in cables because they’re more economic. While wireless systems may also be economical, but at the same time faster to install.

We offer systems that are dedicated to a certain purpose and other systems that can track interventions,fire, etc. Complex Hi-Tech designs are also offered with computer systems that cover multi-zone and track results.
These systems can initiate different actions or can be programmed to call the police, firefighters and ambulances immediately after signaling. Others can call the property supervisor to understand if the alarm is fake or real.
Other functions of this system may include calling a list of numbers designated by the owner to be contacted, to track the secured areas. Alarm systems can connect to Surveillance Systems Cameras to record scenes in case of an emergency.




                    Conventional Fire
                       Alarm System

                       Adressable Alarm


Enables fire detection and alarming sounds to minimize material damage and human losses. This is done by interlacing the intelligent detectors with the digital panels that locate the exact source of the fire.
Detectors may be:

  • Optical
  • Thermal
  • For specifics gases concentration
  • Different combinations

In case of fire detection, delivers an immediate notification to evacuate the property. This notifications may be acoustic and visual.

Access Control

RATECH provides you with an innovative, flexible, cost-effective and accessible control systems at any time for different applications of almost any size.

Acces Control Systems priorities
Live quietly while all your life’s assets are safe and protected by the features of Access Control System. These systems help you be calm and protect everything from unauthorized people’s entries. Depending on the system’s features, the best technology, supporting staff and installation’s experience,
we offer you through Access Control Systems:

Duke u mbështetur te karakteristikat e personlizueshme të sistemit, teknologjinë më të spikatur, eksperiencën tonë në instalim dhe stafin mbështetës, nëpërmjet sistemeve tona të kontrollit ju ofrohet:
Kufizimi Hyrjeve të Paautorizuara Sistemi i Kontrollit të Brendshëm ju lejon të përcaktoni pikat e autorizuara të hyrjes, duke krijuar kufizime të hyrjeve. Me anën e këtij sistemi, individët e autorizuar mund të hyjnë në zona të caktuara
brënda orëve të përcaktuara. Ideal për situatat në vendin e punës, punëdhënësit mund tu japin akses të limituar punonjësve pa rritur rriskun për vjedhje apo dëmtim të aseteve dhe inventarit.

No Entrance for Unauthorized People

Entrance Control System allows you to defne authorized access points, creating access restrictions. With this system, authorized people can enter in certain areas within defined hours. Ideal for workplace situations, employers can provide limited access to employees without increasing risk for robbery or object’s damages.

Safe Workplace

Entrance Control Systems also oer workplace safety options, including entrance restrictions, video monitoring, etc. It gives you the ability to know what’s happening in offices, avoiding risks by limiting entries. Through Entrance Control System, you can also provide protection to your employees with
strategically placed cameras that reduce the risk of violence at the workplace.

Say “goodbye” to locksmiths and “welcome” to savings. By installing an Entrance Control System with electronic access control, you will save time and money. Your objects will be safe from unauthorized entries, without having to worry about tracking who has the keys or duplicates.

Survey Systems

Surveying Systems provided by RATECH sh.p.k., bear the name of the manufacturer “DAHUA TECHNOLOGY”. The variety of products provides a more efcient way in many aspects of implementation.

Qëndra Banimi






Depending on the project, we implement Digital Video Recorder 4 to 256 channels.
Intelligent technology cameras cover all project requirements (thermal cameras and intelligent image processing features such as Face Detection and Identifcation, Object Detection Functions and their absence or presence, Digital Perimeter, Plate Recognition, etc.)

IP Cameras
The digital surveillance system offers advanced benefits and functionalities that
cannot be provided by an analog surveillance system. Advantages include: the highest image quality, intelligent functions, easy installation and integration, flexibility and a very good quality/cost ratio. We offer a wide range of IP cameras from 1.3MP to 14MP resolution. Super-Intelligent new series support functions like Tripwire, Intrusion Detection, Scene Detection, Face Detection, etc.

HDCVI Cameras
HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a standard HD video stream through a coaxial analog cable. Technology oers two video formats HD -1080p (1920 × 1080) and 720p (1280 × 720) with progressive scanning. This is a solution for high-definition megapixel applications, delivering transmission
without delays although in big distances but in a low cost. Compared to other systems, HDCVI has a priority in terms of transmission’s distance as it can transmit up to 500 meters using 75-3 cable for transmission and it has a low signal distortion rate. HDCVI composes video, audio, control signals together and transmits them over a coaxial cable, simplifying installation. HDCVI offers a good solution that provides high image quality in Mp for large transmission distances by simplifying installation. HDCVI cameras have a lower cost compared to IP cameras, although they offer a good quality too.

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