Emergency Buttons

Panic buttons

Panic buttons can be added to security systems to increase safety and security. For example, these alarm buttons can be integrated into a security system such as surveillance camera systems, Paging systems, and door access control systems. Placing panic buttons in strategic areas can help to assure quick response to emergencies. There is even a mobile personal panic button that can be carried with you.
Emergencies occur without warning. It could be a health problem, an active shooter situation, or a criminal attack. The panic button provides rapid emergency notification.

Many network attached surveillance cameras have I/O connections. The button can be attached to the I/O input to provide a signal to the video management software. The alert appears on the security person’s console, along with the video from a nearby camera.
Once the security person is notified of the emergency, they can determine the best course of action. The surveillance camera system provides the information they need to make a decision.
It is important to use video management software that includes the ability to notify the security person. For example, the WAVE software and the Ocularis software have menu selections that determine what happens when a camera IO is detected. The Ocularis software displays the video and makes an alert sound that notifies the person of the alarm condition.

Panic Buttons Added for Fire Alarms

A button can connect to a Video Intercom to provide a controlled response to a situation. For example, an interface in an administrator’s office can be used to alert the security of a hostile event. The security person can hear the conversation at the office of the administrator. Audio can be recorded and provide the information needed to react to the situation.


Panic buttons integrate with network attached security and surveillance systems. These panic buttons add to your security and safety by providing immediate notification of emergencies. They can be added to IP cameras, IP intercoms and paging systems, and door access control systems. The mobile panic button provides increased personal safety in your workplace or out on the road.

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