RATECH is the most trusty and convenient manner to connect internet and telephone service. Communicate with your friends, family, clients and business partners anywhere in the world with the best prices in Albania.

Your business will have the best performance in communication and online services.
With RATECH’s ISP you can call easily and non-limit:
• Clear and High Quality audio.
• Exact payments for made calls.
• This service plan includes:
Incoming Calls Identification;
Missed Calls Identification;
Block Calls;
Last Number Redial;
Personalized Numbers Directory, etc.
• 24/7 Assistance (Call Center and Technic Support)
• All the packages are created to be practical, economic, and innovative to implement and integrate the wide service area we provide.
• All the devices will be installed and configured from our team to your home/business.


Official tariffs of RATECH Telephone Service:

Monthly Subscription Price (ALL/month)*
Monthly Fee 300
Installation** 0
Registration Fee 1000

* Including VAT

Tarifat e bisedave telefonike

Destinations from RATECH to… Price (ALL/min)
Other RATECH numbers 1.2
Fix numbers in Shkodër 6
Fix numbers in Albania (Albtelecom/Telekom) 10
Fix number in Albania (Other Companies) 10
Mobile Numbers (Telekom/Vodafone/Eagle mobile) 36
Mobile Numbers (Plus mobile) 36
Zone 1 10
Zone 2 30
Zone 3 30
Zone 4 50
Zone 5 80

* Including VAT
Zone 1 Canada-fix&mob, USA-fix&mob, U.K fix , France fix , Germany fix , Italy fix , Belgium fix , Netherlands fix, Sweden fix , Norway fix, Austria fix , Switzerland fix , Croatia fix, Slovenia fix, Portugal fix , Spain fix , Greece fix , Denmark fix , Ireland fix, Russia fix, Turkey fix, Cyprus fix, Japan fix, China etc.

Zone 2 Kosovo fix, Serbia, Finland fix, Malt, Monaco fix, Sweden mob, Turkey mob, Cyprus mob, Bulgaria fix, Ukraine fix, Brazil fix, Argentine fix, Australia fix, Egypt fix, India, Mexico fix, etc.

Zone 3 Algeria fix, United Emirates fix, Denmark mob, Germany mob, Finland mob & premium, France mob, Italy mob, Netherlands mob, Spain mob, Portugal mob, Austria mob One- H3G, T-mobile, UK mob, Israel mob, New Zealand mob, etc.

Zone 4 Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro fix, Kosovo fix- IPKO, Italy mob H3G, Greece mob, Hungary mob, Belgium mob, Malta mob, Norway mob, Russia mob, Switzerland mob, Rumania mob, Ukraine mob, Slovakia mob, Slovenia mob, Turkey mob, Brazil mob, Angola, Columbia, etc.

Zone 5 Montenegro mob, Monaco mob –KFOR, Kosovo mob, Serbia mob, Bosnia & Herzegovina mob, Bulgaria mob, Croatia mob, Mexico mob, Argentina mob, Afghanistan, Australia mob, Japan mob, Luxemburg mob Orange, etc.

Other Zones 75-120 ALL/min: Senegal, Togo, Italy mob others, France mob Globalstar, Switzerland mob others, Cuba.

Other Zones 240-1000 ALL/min: San Marino, Solomon Islands, EMSAT Satellite, Globalstar Satellite.


fibra internet

Optic Fiber is the best solution for a fast and secure internet. All data is transferred by the speed of light, not depending on the distance or size.

The priorities of an Optic Fiber Internet are not just speed and quality. RATECH’s Optic Fiber Service offers the same download & upload speed.

It is a stable internet service 24/7. Your line is dedicated and leaves no space for interference. Everything comes complete because of the best optic fiber technology of high quality.

Package & Tariffs


Package Transferring Speed Traffic Limit IP Installation Fee (LEK) Monthly Fee (LEK)
Fiber 10 10 Mbps No Limit Dynamic 5’000.00 1’500.00
Fiber 25 25 Mbps No Limit Dynamic 5’000.00 2’000.00


Package Transferring Speed Traffic Limit IP Installation Fee (LEK) Monthly Fee (LEK)
Fiber 10 10 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 30.00
Fiber 25 25 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 60.00
Fiber 30 30 Mbps No Limit Public IP 60.00 90.00

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