Audio System

Provide an audio service for facilities such as hotels, villas, labs, etc. which are equipped with a microphone and are suitable for public spaces. It may be fully completed with

RATECH offers audio systems, speakers, mic audio systems etc.
Mic Audio Systems are practice for public areas, such as: announcements in shopping mall, hospitals, etc. We collaborate with the best worldwide brands which are well known for product’s high quality, such as: “Apart”, “Crown”, etc.

Audio Systems Infrastructure:
In a block diagram, each component in the audio system is represented by a symbol, like a microphone. The lines between the audio components are the cables. At the left of the diagram is the signal source: a microphone. The microphone signal goes into a mixer, where the signal is amplified into the line level. Then the line signal goes to the power amplifier, which increases the signal at the loudspeaker level. Finally, the signal at the speaker level feeds a two-way passive loudspeaker. The following figures show a simple PA system (public address system).

Even though is seems to be simple, a small installation with a variety of areas is not always simple for the installer. He needs to install and connect many electronical parts (sources, amplifiers, wall panels etc.), to provide a perfect
audio solution for his client. For example, in a shopping mall, all the retail stores should be connected with the central system of PA (Public Address System), which is an electronical system composed of microphones, amplifiers and similar appliances. When connected to this instantaneous memory contact, emergency messages from the central audio system will dominate the music in stores if needed.

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