IT Services

We provide a broad range of services: Cabling, Network and Server configuration. Designing and Full Assistance of any kind of request. It is a full service providing electronic tools repair (mobile phones, smartphones, computer, etc.).

In this complex field RATECH offers a wide range of services, such as:
– Computer & Smartphone Repair – a dedicated office which is equipped with the all necessary tools.
– Cabling, network and server configuration, in case of providing a better security in internal network of an organization and providing
server configuration for example: Ubuntu Server which supports two architectures: Intel x86 and AMD64. The installation is done by placing CD of Ubuntu Sever and by booting from CD and then continue with other installations steps.
– Designing and Assistance for each client’s request in IT services.
– Electronic appliances used in the installation and cabling of network systems for example: Switch devices with different number of ports, Rack, UTP cable (Unshielded twisted pair), Adapter, Patch etc.

Network Configuration allows the system’s administrator to create a connection which fulfills communication’s needs.




This process includes:
• Router configuration: specify the suitable IP address and routing settings etc.
• Host configuration: to set a fix connection in a host computer by recording network settings (IP addressing , proxy ,network name and ID/password ,by enabling the connection of network and communication)
• Software configuration: in each network-based software, such as an IDS, is allowed access and is provided with the appropriate credentials to track network traffic.
• Additionally, network configuration includes Internet or Network Sharing, software or application installation and firewall setup or configuration.

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