Beyond Video Surveillance

RATECH’s best partner is names “DAHUA”. Their home is a source of innovation in Video Surveillance Technology. Recently, they presented HDCVI 4.0 IoT.

HDCVI 4.0 IoT while surveying, in videos, shows temperature, humidity and other informations.
“Internet of Things”, is the concept of connecting many tools together. This infrastructure is based in HDCVI technology. It offers a conventional connecting ecosystem of HD-over-Coaxial and Audio over detection sensors like temperature, humidity and alarms of wireless devices. This way, all users are aware of potential dangers live in video footages.

Temperature and Humidity Camera (Dahua –> HAC-LC1220T-TH)


  • Video with real time information
  • Sensors for immediate room condition changes – Notifies in case of danger
  • Precise detection to temperature and humidity surveillance

Motion Camera (DAHUA –> HAC-LC1200SL-W)


  • 32 Wireless Alarms input (including smoke detector, door contacts, etc.)
  • Memorizes visual footages in case of alarms
  • Devices distance may be up to 100m, allowing monitoring of large areas.



MotionEye Camera (DAHUA –> HAC-ME2802B/1400B/1200B-PIR)



  • Motion Detector & PIR combined with videos to add visual confirmation for unauthorized entries
  • Saves memory storage because it selects situations in which are happening motions.



HDCVI-IoT Recorder (XVR7000-4K/4KL-X)

This system is designed by our partner “Dahua Technology” to fulfill the best intelligent surveillance in warehouses, small and medium businesses, agriculture, etc.

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