Telephone System

The system is all electronic and can be handled as VoIP, Analog or Hybrid. Communication in a variety of products has HD voice transmission.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private phone network that is used within a company. PBX phone system users can make free calls between them (within the network) and share an outside line to make phone calls outside the network.
RATECH offers a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses (small, medium or big projects.
Advantages of PBX Telephone System:
– Allows employees to share phone system lines by reducing fixed telephony costs;
– The PBX system is fully programmable and can support complex installation and integration requirements;
– There are a wide variety of standards as well as advanced features of PBX system;
– The PBX system can be expanded easily with the company’s growth.
– The physical space required by the PBX center is small, so it is easily managed.

If you are looking into the market for a phone system, consider the PBX system to manage incoming and outgoing calls to the company. Even though installing the PBX telephone system may have higher costs, the benefits that come from using this system will exceed the initial costs.

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