Video Intercom

The system is realized on IP technology and can be connected to the Internet to enable smartphone notification by using this application. High resolution cameras are incorporated to the system, which are weather conditions and verbal actions resistant. They may be used as Access Control too.

The LED monitor displays views and various system’s commands such as
door opening and connection to alarm sensors or security cameras.

Apartments IP System
Smart Home solution adapts TCP/IP protocol, which integrates video intercom,
home security systems, alarms and distance remote control. This oers the following functions:
– Allows access to the building only for authorized people; It may be integrated with the Security Camera System;
– Connection to the alarm system;
– Recording of video and audio messages from the telephony for future use;
– The entire system can be controlled from a smartphone application, which captures calls, oers real-time monitoring and opening the door in distance.


Villa IP System
– It can be integrated to Video Intercoms and Security Camera System;
– Smartphone application (monitoring and door opening in distance);
– Provide access from anywhere.

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