Alarm Systems

Nowadays, house alarms or security systems for different businesses are an important necessity to ensure their safety. Installing a business/home Security System improves family and property safety.


These Security Alarm Systems are featured as electronic devices that have sensors. They are connected to a main control panel via a RF signal narrowband (waves) or cable. When it’s realized the connection between the unit and the signal, a notifcation alert may be generated that leads to the processing of a
response. Usually the sensors of the alarms interventions can indicate the opening of a window or door. The new systems are mostly based in cables because they’re more economic. While wireless systems may also be economical, but at the same time faster to install.

We offer systems that are dedicated to a certain purpose and other systems that can track interventions,fire, etc. Complex Hi-Tech designs are also offered with computer systems that cover multi-zone and track results.
These systems can initiate different actions or can be programmed to call the police, firefighters and ambulances immediately after signaling. Others can call the property supervisor to understand if the alarm is fake or real.
Other functions of this system may include calling a list of numbers designated by the owner to be contacted, to track the secured areas. Alarm systems can connect to Surveillance Systems Cameras to record scenes in case of an emergency.




                    Conventional Fire
                       Alarm System

                       Adressable Alarm


Enables fire detection and alarming sounds to minimize material damage and human losses. This is done by interlacing the intelligent detectors with the digital panels that locate the exact source of the fire.
Detectors may be:

  • Optical
  • Thermal
  • For specifics gases concentration
  • Different combinations

In case of fire detection, delivers an immediate notification to evacuate the property. This notifications may be acoustic and visual.

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