Access Control

RATECH provides you with an innovative, flexible, cost-effective and accessible control systems at any time for different applications of almost any size.

Acces Control Systems priorities
Live quietly while all your life’s assets are safe and protected by the features of Access Control System. These systems help you be calm and protect everything from unauthorized people’s entries. Depending on the system’s features, the best technology, supporting staff and installation’s experience,
we offer you through Access Control Systems:

Duke u mbështetur te karakteristikat e personlizueshme të sistemit, teknologjinë më të spikatur, eksperiencën tonë në instalim dhe stafin mbështetës, nëpërmjet sistemeve tona të kontrollit ju ofrohet:
Kufizimi Hyrjeve të Paautorizuara Sistemi i Kontrollit të Brendshëm ju lejon të përcaktoni pikat e autorizuara të hyrjes, duke krijuar kufizime të hyrjeve. Me anën e këtij sistemi, individët e autorizuar mund të hyjnë në zona të caktuara
brënda orëve të përcaktuara. Ideal për situatat në vendin e punës, punëdhënësit mund tu japin akses të limituar punonjësve pa rritur rriskun për vjedhje apo dëmtim të aseteve dhe inventarit.

No Entrance for Unauthorized People

Entrance Control System allows you to defne authorized access points, creating access restrictions. With this system, authorized people can enter in certain areas within defined hours. Ideal for workplace situations, employers can provide limited access to employees without increasing risk for robbery or object’s damages.

Safe Workplace

Entrance Control Systems also oer workplace safety options, including entrance restrictions, video monitoring, etc. It gives you the ability to know what’s happening in offices, avoiding risks by limiting entries. Through Entrance Control System, you can also provide protection to your employees with
strategically placed cameras that reduce the risk of violence at the workplace.

Say “goodbye” to locksmiths and “welcome” to savings. By installing an Entrance Control System with electronic access control, you will save time and money. Your objects will be safe from unauthorized entries, without having to worry about tracking who has the keys or duplicates.

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