Survey Systems

Surveying Systems provided by RATECH sh.p.k., bear the name of the manufacturer “DAHUA TECHNOLOGY”. The variety of products provides a more efcient way in many aspects of implementation.

Qëndra Banimi






Depending on the project, we implement Digital Video Recorder 4 to 256 channels.
Intelligent technology cameras cover all project requirements (thermal cameras and intelligent image processing features such as Face Detection and Identifcation, Object Detection Functions and their absence or presence, Digital Perimeter, Plate Recognition, etc.)

IP Cameras
The digital surveillance system offers advanced benefits and functionalities that
cannot be provided by an analog surveillance system. Advantages include: the highest image quality, intelligent functions, easy installation and integration, flexibility and a very good quality/cost ratio. We offer a wide range of IP cameras from 1.3MP to 14MP resolution. Super-Intelligent new series support functions like Tripwire, Intrusion Detection, Scene Detection, Face Detection, etc.

HDCVI Cameras
HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a standard HD video stream through a coaxial analog cable. Technology oers two video formats HD -1080p (1920 × 1080) and 720p (1280 × 720) with progressive scanning. This is a solution for high-definition megapixel applications, delivering transmission
without delays although in big distances but in a low cost. Compared to other systems, HDCVI has a priority in terms of transmission’s distance as it can transmit up to 500 meters using 75-3 cable for transmission and it has a low signal distortion rate. HDCVI composes video, audio, control signals together and transmits them over a coaxial cable, simplifying installation. HDCVI offers a good solution that provides high image quality in Mp for large transmission distances by simplifying installation. HDCVI cameras have a lower cost compared to IP cameras, although they offer a good quality too.

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